Innovative Technology That Adds Value

Our Design & Engineering team of LEED certified professionals and members of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) are committed to promoting sustainability, energy conservation and environmentally sound practices with all projects. In addition, they have the unique ability to provide component modeling for energy values related to NFRC compliance, Shading and Daylighting Analysis.

Along with the growing need to sustain the environment, Architectural Glass and Aluminum plays an active role in the clean energy transition. To shape the future and to create advanced technology, it required us to redefine our industry and invest on a green generation of buildings.

Following years of research and development, AGA now has the technology to incorporate photovoltaic cells technology in our curtain wall systems to capture solar energy while maintaining architectural elegance and aesthetics. Further, we can address your needs for control over the amount of light, privacy and heat entering a space utilizing high performance or switchable glass products.