Kaiser San Marcos

GC  DPR Construction


Completed Planned for Fall 2023  in San Marcos, CA

All hospital projects require extra care, but Kaiser San Marcos took it to another level. The two tower patient-room towers achieved HCAI 1 approval, requiring more than 500 inspections. In addition to inspections, quality assurance included full size laboratory mockup, 48 field water tests, and alternative method of compliance testing for HCAI. 

 The nuanced care taken on the project began in the design engineering phase, where roughly four times the number of extrusion specifications were needed for the unique needs of the project. The extrusions were used to build a specialized facade system wrapping the entire building envelope— including integrated ACM panels, sunshades and window fins. 

 This all resulted in a whopping 650,000 lbs of aluminum extrusion, 100,000 sq feet of composite aluminum panels and 15,000 sq. feet of aluminum panels, and 44,000 sq. ft. of glass. Other project features include plate panels over stud framing, a custom canopy system, and aluminum sliding and framed doors.