Thirty 75



Completed  2022 in Santa Clara

Off the intersection of Scott Boulevard and San Tomas Expressway sits this six-story office building designed and engineered to catch the eye with unique fin and sunshade patterns. Completed according to the vision of Verse Design LA, San Tomas Square in Santa Clara is a completely unitized curtainwall with intriguing looks that change depending on the angle viewed.

On the back side of the development, our AGA project team installed fins from 0-, 3-, 6-, and 9-inches to create a checkerboard design visible as a pedestrian walks down the street. 

As visitors turn the corner toward the main entrance and plaza, catwalk sun shades form a unitized rectangular perimeter frame full of aluminum extrusions and lined with lights. 

While the fins appear to be different color shades from a distance, this is a purposeful illusion built into what is in actuality all the same color. AGA accomplished this effect by installing the aluminum extrusions at different angles, giving the appearance of different colors based on where the fins are reflecting off the sun and changing depending on the time of day – a unique feature brought on by Verse Design LA.

The one-of-a-kind and beautiful appearance of these specially designed fins also serves to hide the catwalk tucked behind the fins. A perfect example of a form meeting function.