Modern architecture utilizes glass in ways that previous generations of architects and designers would never have even dreamed. And with each new building, designs are becoming even more innovative. The way we see it, we’re not simply putting up curtain walls and facades. We’re bringing visions to life. And every time a creative architect plays around with different forms, patterns, and structures, we see it as an opportunity to show what we’re made of.

Each system is designed, manufactured and tested to align with all structural, acoustical, and thermal requirements of your project. Our offerings include:

Curtain and Window Walls
  • Custom and Standard Systems
  • Structurally/Conventional Glazing
  • Unitized or Stick Framed
  • Integral Sunshades
  • Integral Lighting Components
  • Integral Doors
  • Integral Air Intake/Exhaust
  • Operable Windows
  • Ornamental Components

Punched Windows
  • Custom and Standard
  • Structurally/Conventional Glazing
  • Unitized or Stick Framed

  • Custom and Standard
  • Structurally/Conventional Glazing
  • High Span Options
  • Entrance Systems

In bringing these structures to life, we use an industry-leading array of glazing systems and architectural glass solutions — in partnership with a global network of the finest manufacturers in the business.

At every stage, the focus is on delivering only the highest quality glass and glazing products. Whether it’s a case of maximizing visible light transmission to provide uncommon brightness, or increasing transparency for amazing clarity and color, or drastically reducing iron content to allow even more light to shine through, every glass solution we provide is designed with your ultimate vision in mind.

Glass offerings fit a wide range of project needs via specialty capabilities such as heat-strengthened, tempered, and laminated. There are few types of glass AGA has not worked with, and through our deep supplier network can gain access to any glass required on your project. And all are manufactured to deliver not only on aesthetics, but also on all physical dynamics of the building.

At AGA, we work hand-in-hand with architects and developers to provide architectural glass solutions that not only fit the design concept, but enhance it by every metric we can think of.

To that end, we’ll use every tool in our arsenal, and every once of our experience and expertise.

The way we see it, your vision deserves nothing less.