At AGA, we’re certainly proud of our long history of delivering exceptional, innovative glazing and architectural glass solutions. But modern facades have evolved far beyond traditional curtain walls and storefronts. New techniques have demanded new components … new approaches … new advancements. Innovations in materials have allowed architects’ imaginations to run wild — and there’s nothing we love more than helping turn those imaginative visions into structural marvels.

From integrated aluminum panels, to stone and terra cotta, to phenolic resin, to concrete and beyond, we customize solutions for the unique aesthetic and structural needs of each individual project. We partner with many of the industry’s top names to deliver results that wow both architects and the public alike.

Architectural Precast Concrete — a solid concrete panel that mirrors the look of natural stone by exposing the beautiful aggregates within the mix. Precast offers many options for shapes, finishes, and colors.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) — which consists of a cementitious skin that’s reinforced with glass fibers and attached to a metal frame system. GFRC can be formed into ornate shapes, and its blended composition allows the designer to use deep panel sections without the weight of conventional precast.

Precast Concrete Thinshell Panels — in which a thin concrete skin is attached to a steel frame system. This helps achieve the beauty of precast mixes, but at a lower cost and lighter weight. 

Aluminum Extrusion — these strong, durable extrusions are available in an almost limitless range of forms, and meet the demands of virtually any building application; from architectural, to framing, to mechanical and beyond.

Sunshades and Aluminum Panels — whether limiting solar heat retention, preventing glare, enhancing daytime lighting, or providing a distinctive architectural aesthetic, these sunshades and aluminum panels satisfy a wide range of visual and practical needs. They’re also entirely customizable — allowing you to choose from a wide variety of profiles and configurations.

Ornamental Aluminum Grilles — to provide a distinctive visual stamp to your building while providing several important practical functions; such as limiting visibility, providing security, or concealing equipment or high traffic areas.

Rainscreen Systems — meeting all the complex requirements of modern building projects, our rainscreen systems combine the best of both worlds; a stop-you-in-your-tracks aesthetic punch, with the confidence that your structure will stand up to a long life exposed to the elements.

Terra Cotta — popular throughout history for both its unique aesthetic properties and performance, terra cotta is equally suited to today’s unitized systems and high performing facades. Environmentally friendly, naturally bright and colorful, and with excellent resistance to high temperature, frost and wind, it answers a host of needs for both architects and engineers.

Phenolic Resin Panels — also known as Wood Composite Panel, this next generational architectural cladding option opens up a world of design possibilities. Thanks to an almost endless variety of finishes, shapes, and sizes, it helps architects create natural, warm and beautiful spaces for exteriors and interiors alike.

And more.

As you can see, AGA offers an enormous range of materials and products for exterior facades.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Which, we’re proud to say, means they aren’t limited at all.