When it comes to “rolling up our sleeves and turning your vision into a reality,” few AGA offerings fit the bill as well as our Specialty Glass Systems. It’s a broad category, and one that includes a wide range of assemblies; from steel framed and truss structures, to cable nets, to tension structures, and beyond. The list of glazing solutions is every bit as varied.

These specialized facades require highly-engineered solutions, and extraordinary fabrication tolerances. In other words, they fall right in our sweet spot. Over the decades, AGA has developed a deep expertise in these systems. It’s where our love for engineering solutions to complex challenges really shines.

It’s also where our knack for collaboration serves us — and you — well. By working closely with component suppliers, we’re able to monitor progress from the first rendering to the final deliverable — ensuring excellence every step of the way.

Electrochromic Glass

Where electric current causes ions to move layers, changing the tinting of the glass. In addition to offering privacy, this technology blocks heat and controls glare, eliminating the need for shades and associated maintenance.

Ballistic + Blast Resistant Glass

Designed and constructed — through varying levels — for maximum strength and impact resistance. Ballistic glass stops projectiles while also controlling the splintering that occurs on the opposite side. Blast resistant glass acts as a secure barrier between an explosion outside a building and the people inside the building, to ensure the safety of those inside should an explosion occur.

Security, or Laminated Glass

Which is designed to stay in one piece when shattered. If broken, the vinyl interlayer remains in the frame, with glass fragments adhering to it.

Etched Glass

In addition to offering limitless design possibilities, these surfaces are exceptionally fine and far less porous than sandblasted surfaces, making the glass extremely resistant to fingerprints and stains.

Spandrel, or Ceramic-Fritted Glass

Which embeds a design directly into the glass using an enamel baking process, for a result that can’t be scratched away.

And more

At AGA, we understand that working with talented, imaginative architects and contractors means developing custom solutions that don’t necessarily fall under a “standard” product line. 

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

From inception through construction, we help fabricate solutions that turn heads and earn respect — and that bring your vision to life.