Design-Assist. Curtain Wall. Custom Glazing.

By quality of work. By volume of jobs. By reputation. AGA prides itself as one of the leading curtain wall companies in North America. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in California, AGA has helped bring to reality some of the most iconic structures in its home state plus Hawaii, Washington, Alaska and Texas. We specialize in custom curtain wall systems, large and small, that bring your vision to life.

Vertically Integrated

From bid to final installation, AGA has the in-house team to complete the job — ensuring efficiency and smooth hand-offs from stage to stage. ​Learn more about our end-to-end capabilities​.

Small & Large

AGA is known for its work on large buildings and structures across the Western United States. But we also take pride in our Special Projects division that gives the same attention-to-detail to jobs between $1 million - $10 million in budget. ​Contact the Special Projects team here​.

Employee Owned

Since 2000, AGA has been an employee-owned company. That not only means true ownership of our work, but also a commitment to the long term health of AGA — resulting in some of the healthiest finances, insurance packages, and bonding rates in the industry.

A Commitment to Team

AGA is known for identifying talent and investing in the next generation. We actively recruit at colleges, technical schools, and through proven relationships to find the most promising technical minds.

A Manifesto

In many ways, ours is a nuts and bolts industry.
It can all be so incredibly simple. So incredibly the same.
You see, everyone has a system. Everyone fabricates. Everyone builds.

The real differences are behind the scenes. In the people. The process.

And that’s where we shine.
We exist to transform our partners’ visions into realities that exceed even their own hopes and expectations. We achieve this by leveraging a unique combination of deep technical expertise, true design excellence, and unmatched project management.

We don’t make excuses or say “it can’t be done.” We roll up our sleeves and find a way.

Instead of tightening the screws and squeezing every possible dollar out of an opportunity, we find innovative, customer-focused solutions that bring visions to life.

We make it happen.

Because we have a genuine stake in the process. Ownership — in every sense of the word.

And we strive to put that same ownership mentality into every job.

Every decision we make, every efficiency we find, every solution we innovate, is born of a true sense of collaboration. Our process is as transparent as our communication. And our engineering proficiency is matched only by the beauty of our design.

So let the other guys position themselves as “leaders in glazing and curtain wall installation.” Yeah, we’re window installers, too. But, we’re here to deliver on a different level entirely.

We’re here to deliver Your Vision | Engineered.