Every time we step on a job site or in the shop, there’s a degree of risk involved. Minimizing the inherent risk and providing our team with the knowledge and resources to be as safe as possible brings all projects toward our goal of a zero incident work environment.


The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously impacted our workplace safety procedures. AGA complies with CDC, local and national government regulations to make sure everyone’s health — including yours — is at the forefront of what we do.

Just a Few of Our Safety Commitments

  • Scheduled safety equipment inspections conducted regularly by our safety team
  • Inspections on safety gear 
  • Fall protection training with every new employee
  • Boom lift/scissor lift training and apprenticeship
  • Spydercrane and Ergo Robotics Machine certification classes 
  • Employee re-certification program
  • A dedicated safety team and supervisors make sure every aspect of our operations is up to regulations
  • Weekly safety meetings for every employee

It Takes a Team

AGA is always working towards a common goal of zero workplace incidents. We have employees who are working in unison to deliver a high-quality product and it’s everyone’s responsibility to work safely. 

In addition to workplace practices and procedures, there are open lines of communication. We encourage employees to proactively ask questions and voice concern if they believe something has the potential to be unsafe.

“One workplace accident can affect everything we do. Avoiding workplace injuries keeps everything running smoothly and it makes it a happy place to come to work knowing our employees aren’t in danger or harm’s way and they can return to their families at the end of the day. General contractors and architects enjoy working with us because we care about our employees and everyone involved. They know how safe everyone is and what our process is like.”  — Scott T.

Safety Means Success

Reducing injuries and health risks also keeps projects on schedule.

As an employee-owned company, every individual is constantly working to keep themselves safe, their colleagues safe, and ensure the company finances benefit from high levels of safety. The lower safety rating AGA maintains, the more it helps everyone involved — keeping our experienced team on the job, ensuring insurance rates are low, and keeping our partners on the job site safe as well. 

“There’s a big, inherent risk of what we do every day out in the field and shop. Safety has to be at the forefront every day. We like to think of ourselves as cutting edge on safety, but it’s really that the individuals are looking out for themselves and for one another.” — Jeff S.

Details Matter

From packing up equipment to wearing our hard hats, every small nuance is accounted for.

“When we go out in the shop or field, it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s expected you will follow safety protocols. You wear a hardhat. Goggles. Closed-toed shoes. And if you aren’t wearing those protective materials, you’ll be corrected. The little details and minor things that can be taken for granted elsewhere are simply expected.” — Andrea R.