Kaiser Permanente San Diego



Completed  2016 in San Diego

This Southern California healthcare project featured an all-aluminum exterior enclosure and it was a change from punched window projects we have done at hospitals in the past. The exterior skin was a unitized curtainwall and all the patient rooms included pop out windows with balconies on each floor to allow patients to step outside for fresh air. 

The development was challenging to waterproof, but our team was thorough during mock-ups and the design phase to ensure everything was accounted for. Additionally, we installed thicker panels of glass on this project to help with acoustics due to fighter jet planes flying over to a nearby Air Force base. All of these elements helped create a beautiful end product.

There were also radiused curtainwalls, and on the roof, we implemented vertical glass fins with dichroic film to create purple and pink colors when the fins were hit with sunlight. From an aerial perspective, which you can see on Google Earth, the look of the design was similar to a wave, capturing the beautiful scenery of the nearby San Diego beaches and landscape.