Kaiser Skyport



Completed  2020 in San Jose

Collaboration is key, particularly when it comes to installing smart glass and working with our friends in the electrical trade.

AGA fully embraced this commitment to collaboration in the build of Kaiser Skyport where electronically-controlled smart glass helped achieve the Kaiser ownership group’s goals of both natural light and energy efficiency.

Coordination was key between AGA, building electricians, and the general contractor to ensure attention-to-detail was maintained from planning to manufacturing to install. Caution and careful planning resulted in an efficient time-to-market due to minimized surprises and maximized adherence to codes.

Also requiring electrical coordination, the interior storefront panels from ConAir included two auto-sliding operated doors and a large amount of electronics. 

Inside and out. Top to bottom. Collaboration was the name of the game for a smooth install at this electrically-complex structure in San Jose.