UCSD Franklin Antonio Hall


Architect PERKINS & WILL 

Completed  2022 in La Jolla

There’s nothing like engineering for future engineers. Completed in Spring 2022, the LEED platinum Franklin Antonio Hall engineering facility houses seven different programs on UC San Diego’s beautiful campus in La Jolla. 

The highlight of this job included massive 4-feet wide, 15-feet tall, perforated aluminum sunshades throughout the exterior facade of the building. Expertly installed by the field team, the end product is an innovative new learning facility designed for the #9 engineering school in the nation. 

Similar to the shape of a bow tie or the letter X, the sunshades stretch across the outer wall of the building. During the installation process, our field team used a four-color system to assign each sunshade to a specific quadrant, where they were placed into an outrigger bracket. 

This color coded categorization was highly efficient and allowed the work to be completed with no issues. 

A major consideration for these massive sunshades was finding the right time to have them delivered while on a tight job site. Because the academic building was surrounded by a nature preserve, coordination with other trades was of the utmost importance to ensure materials were delivered on time, to the right location on the jobsite. 

Other systems on the main facade of this project included a unitized curtain/window wall and a stick built storefront with a skylight near the main entrance. 

Additionally, the structure includes Panda multi-sliding doors, sprinkler baffles, and interior fire-rated doors which went through extensive mock-ups at the beginning phases of development. 

With the guidance of Perkins&Will, AGA delivered on UC San Diego’s vision to create a cutting-edge academic development building that facilitates cross-discipline collaboration in engineering to solve the toughest challenges facing society today.