UC Merced Expansion



Completed  2020 in Merced

UC Merced is one of the fastest-growing public universities in the country after being established in 2005. AGA was proud to play a role in the mammoth project that will enhance the higher learning experience for over 10,000 students. 


As soon as you step on campus you are greeted by the three-story ALO Enrollment Center, the face of UC Merced’s university and one of the newest structures in the recently completed UC Merced Expansion. The entire project team was awarded a 2021 DBIA National Merit Award for their efforts and we are grateful to have been a part of the team. The expansion development also earned other honors such as the 2017 Infrastructure Journal Globe Award and the Public Sector Champion Award from the Performance-Based Building Coalition. AGA’s handprint on the massive $1.3 billion, LEED Platinum certified project was illustrated through its innovative contributions such as the enrollment center, the Administration Building, and the Computational Laboratory Building over the course of a four-year design build. The highly-specialized effort on the institutional buildings included elements such as window fins that were installed on the Computational Laboratory Building – located in the heart of campus along the university’s academic walk. 


The conference center lies at the south end of Little Lake – a small body of water that connects the university’s quad and student housing. AGA’s glass installment at this end of campus gives students a beautiful and accessible view of the water while they gather for studies and academic seminars.