Sharp Rees-Stealy Rancho Bernardo Medical Office Building



Completed  2017 in San Diego

Speed was of the essence at the Sharp-Rees Stealy Rancho Bernardo project, as this job needed to be taken from shop drawings to completion in less than a year. 

The medical office building in San Diego showcased two different glass types on the exterior of the south wall, giving the development a unique look as a visitor walks the complex. 

Other highlights of this job were two automatic doors — one with a metal system and the other automatic door for visitors to enter the medical clinic. These two doors required a large amount of communication between our staff and the electrical team, but we worked in harmony to get the job accomplished. 

The west wall was also adjacent to a nearby freeway, meaning the glass had to be acoustically pleasing in order to avoid noise and disturbances. The building itself had three different FCC sound ratings, with the west wall being the highest rating at 37 due to the proximity of the freeway.