Ivy Station



Completed  2021 in Culver City

Ivy Station was a 3-for-1 job featuring an office space, a residential complex, and a hotel in the heart of Culver City’s public park and transit area. 

Because of the variety of work, much of the complexity surrounding this job was communication between different trades to ensure every detail was accounted for. As always, our team rose to the challenge to check all boxes. 

Although much of the project assignments surrounded the four-story office building, one of the most intriguing parts of this job was the main entrance of the hotel. 

The building had a large door at the entrance and although it was not integrated into the curtain wall system, AGA provided the framing around the door to create a beautiful entry way into the lobby area. The system was provided by Arcadia, who helped with shop drawings, calculations, and provided the materials needed to complete the task. 

Additionally, our crew installed glass walls supplied by Viracon on the interior.  This was a late addition to the project, and although it was a scramble to get everything designed, the three-building development remained on schedule and was completed with no issues. 

The entire project encompassed five years, but paid off at the sight of the public park and transit plaza at full capacity.