Intuit Bayshore


Architect WRNS STUDIO 

Completed  2023 in Mountain View

After a successful collaboration on Intuit Marine Way with WRNS Studio, AGA executed WRNS Studio’s design for Intuit MTV 22 Bayshore with multiple types of glass and anodized fin profile features. This LEED Gold certified project took place during the heart of the pandemic — creating time and supply chain challenges which required unique solutions from our team. Construction was put on hold while design choices continued over Zoom. Thanks to a pre-existing relationship with architect WRNS Studio, there was a high level of trust with the execution and communications flowed smoothly.


Communication was vital for the non-standard finish on the anodized panels. AGA was given an opportunity to implement a curtain wall finish with a unique checkerboard pattern in order to address the supply chain challenges. The checkerboard finish was a result of using panels from two different vendors who had a different anodization process resulting in a different look for the two lots of panels. Although the checkerboard look wasn’t planned, WRNS agreed the finished look brought a unique aesthetic to the building. 

Additionally, light penetration was a key concern in the building. To minimize eye strain for office workers on large computer screens, AGA updated the curtainwall design to accommodate for the indoor blind system. It wasn’t just light that AGA ensured wouldn’t come unbidden into the building. It was also birds! To discourage birds from flying into the windows and hurting themselves, a lined frit pattern covered the glass. Great news for Mountain View’s Lesser Yellowlegs! 

Other interesting features of this building include vertical fins that hang off the curtain wall on the west elevation. WRNS Studio requested for multiple fin profiles. To minimize waste, AGA utilized brakeshapes for a cost-effective solution. The huge fins have an alternating pattern as they ascend three floors, finished with an integrated LED light to bring attention from the freeway. The fourth floor has an outside terrace with a plentiful landscape on the roof providing Intuit employees a nice place to enjoy some fresh air.