LAX Terminal 4.5



Completed   2022 in Los Angeles

Thousands of people traveling around the world everyday get to see AGA’s pristine work in the hub of Los Angeles, as AGA played a pivotal role in an upgrade to one of America’s Top 5 busiest airports. The American Airlines Terminal at LAX is not only a renovation of an existing structure, but is also a unique, custom steel support structure integrated into the curtain wall facade assembly. 


The steel support is made of prefinished custom steel beams, stainless steel tension rods, and springs to absorb structural and seismic movement critical for safety. AGA partnered with TriPyramid Structures to integrate this steel design into the curtain wall assembly. 


Also unique to the project is the facade’s design to accept the LAX people mover. Add in the beautiful unobstructed views all the way from the landslide to the airside of the facility to create an alluring airport terminal, and you have an airport terminal that travelers might not mind being delayed in.