MacArthur Transit Village



Completed  2019 in Oakland

Just like a pair of good headphones, we tuned out the noise at MacArthur Transit Village in Oakland. 


Dealing with acoustics from a nearby highway was by far one of the biggest hurdles on this project. To tackle the challenge, we used many different glass makeups throughout the complex. The makeups were assigned to specific panels depending on what side of the building they were on and if the glass was closer to the freeway.


Additionally, high acoustic panels were installed with a jockey sash, which fit in the back of the unit to help it perform better with loud noise. 


Other elements of the job included punched windows with louvers in precast panels, varying window walls, and a stick built system at the podium of the building. On the fifth floor of the residential complex, there was also a stick built system made for a residential gym. This part of the project was tricky during installment because the complex was in tight confines by the highway, but our team problem-solved by using a boom lift to raise the heavy acoustic panels to the fifth floor.