500 Folsom


Architect   SOM

Completed  2019 in San Francisco

AGA rose to the challenge at 500 Folsom in 2019. The 440-foot residential apartment complex was completely unitized and featured extruded terracotta panels shipped from a specialty supplier in Germany. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was a podium nicknamed “the jenga” because the design looked similar to that of the popular board game. The podium integrated with precast panels that required unique waterproofing methods and included both a stick built, storefront system around a multi-use space and an operable window that could be slid open to use as a door. 

Another signature element of the design was the fin alignments on the building. Our project team toiled many hours to ensure the fins were positioned just right to meet the precise visions of the architect and to certify a perfect vertical alignment no matter the angle viewed. 

The totality of effort was recognized in 2021 with a Geotechnical Engineering Award of Excellence by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.