Manhattan Beach Library


Architect   CWA AIA

Completed  2015 in Manhattan Beach

It’s hard to beat the view of the ocean at Manhattan Beach, but the city library design showcasing ocean views and a jewel box design from CWA AIA definitely sparkles along with the waves.

However, possibly even more beautiful than the surrounding area is the way the building was assembled. The exterior skin of the library featured two-point supported glass walls with a catwalk system. This vision came to life with the help of Syntec Glazing, who performed all of the glass and system designs for the stainless steel supports.

Another unique aspect of the job was designing a structure strong enough to support the window system. Along with Syntec, the AGA team went through extensive testing and mock ups to ensure the fittings could hold the glass in place. 

As for project execution in the field, the team had to contend with extensive sand around the job site due to the proximity to the beach. The field team found it necessary to operate forklifts in unique ways due to dirt on the construction site being softer and more difficult to navigate, but the team still got the job done on time with no accidents and meeting the architect’s exact vision.