SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union


Architect  SMITH GROUP

Completed 2021 in TUSTIN

The SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union in Tustin is a completely unitized curtain wall with more than 700 massive units installed. 

Unique features on this job include 10-foot wide segmented units and various sunshades throughout the complex to avoid using curved glass. Several frit patterns were utilized with fins tapering down from 12 inches to three inches — also tapered in height at the same time to accommodate sunshades.

Because this development was completely unitized from the ground level, there was also no stick-built curtain wall or storefront. Instead, two different curtain types and segmented glass were deployed, rather than curved glass, to be efficient on costs and installment. 

Shipping and transportation proved to be another important task. Due to the enormous size of the panels, our shop carefully stacked the units horizontally when shipping, which helped with installment when they were unloaded at the job site with a mobile crane. 

The overall completion of this project was sometimes daunting considering the circumstances of the global pandemic in 2020, but our shop and field team abided by our health and safety guidelines to get the work done safely and on time.