300 Grant Street

GC  Hathaway Dinwiddie

Architect   MHB Architects

Completed   2020 in San Francisco

Commercial Construction & Renovation Project Profile Award

300 Grant was the first ground-up development in Union Square in more than 20 years, and AGA was proud to play a role in the LEED Gold project. 

The building featured an aluminum scrim system, which served as an extra layer to hold sunshades and was anchored to each slab of the development. Additionally, the scrim system had a variety of color and shape combinations, posing an exciting challenge for our field team. They were assembled on the ground, then hung up as complete units, which saved valuable time and reduced shipping costs. 

Communication and collaboration with the architects was also crucial on this project. AGA spent many long hours working in unison with the architects at MHB to achieve their vision. Because this building was located on a small hill in San Francisco, there was concern about the crown of the building looking askew while being viewed from the sidewalk. Ultimately the crew exercised their attention to detail to make sure every alignment was accounted for, and the smallest measurements were of the utmost importance in order to make the vision of 300 Grant come to life.