Illumina Campus at Lincoln Centre


Architect   HOK

Completed   2019 in Foster City

Designed to feel like a college campus, the Lincoln Centre biotech facility in Foster City houses hundreds of scientists and cutting-edge DNA sequencing machines.

It was a ground-up project where AGA installed a hybrid system featuring curved and matching colored glass.

One of the initial assignments on this job was sourcing the proper metal and glass. We collaborated with Norsk Hydro in Belgium to get the right materials in order. 

At the job site, there were multiple considerations to account for when dealing with the project’s unique sunshade system. All panels had to be custom fabricated and nearly 60,000 parts per building were used for each of the two complexes. Organizing all of this material proved to be challenging due to the tight confines of the surrounding area, including the added complication of concrete being poured on the adjacent buildings during the panel installation. 

Thus, due to the tight space, it was integral that our team abided by tighter than usual safety guidelines to ensure the project was executed on schedule. There were many moving parts and our crew had to exercise extreme caution while working in the field. 

Also, work on this project began during a rainy Northern California November, making the materials storage on the stick-built development all the more complex. Nevertheless, our team assembled the panels and implemented just-in-time delivery from a warehouse in Livermore so the components wouldn’t sit out in the rain for an extended period of time. 

The end result was an alluring new science facility without wasted materials or missed deadlines.

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