520 Almanor



Completed  2021 in Sunnyvale

The vision of KSH Architects for this stick-built, LEED Gold project was to create a rusted, steel look on the exterior facade of the office building in Sunnyvale’s Peery Park. With thorough attention to detail and many hours of labor, AGA helped bring the vision to life. 

We first collaborated with one of our aluminum panel partners to create a custom corten finish. The finish was hand-done and required tweaking the painting process to get the desired color of the panels. Elements like temperature and humidity could affect the panel color, but together we ensured the color was exactly what the architect was looking for. 

At the job site, our project team installed the panels while working on mast climbers. Moving the panels throughout the building proved to be a challenge, but our team exercised precautions and measures to ensure they were installed safely and correctly. 

Other assignments included work on the adjacent parking garage and the canopy at the main entrance of the building. We installed panels with a beautiful water-jetted tree pattern on the parking garage, while the canopy was cladded together to create a finished look due to the amount of steel showing without it. 

All of these elements had their own intricacies, but our crew tackled each task with an open mind and the ability to adjust along the way. The end result was an alluring new office building in Sunnyvale.