520 South El Camino



Completed  2021 in San Mateo

520 South El Camino was originally constructed in the 1960’s but after inspectors noticed an error in the original measurements of the curtainwall, it needed a renovation. This is where AGA stepped in to deliver a beautiful reclad, stick built development which included tinted glass to help reduce temperatures depending on the amount of heat being absorbed by the building. 

This installation process occurred in tight quarters with the building connected to a fitness center that remained open throughout the renovation process. This limited space required creative solutions for storage and parking. With only half a parking lot to work around, our crew hoisted glass right off the truck and on to the second floor terrace for installation. With people attending the gym next door, tight safety protocols were critical and everyone did their part to ensure there were no accidents. The end result was a beautiful, new nine-story facade overlooking the streets of San Mateo.

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